For a Blissful Body

I’m overly obsessed with the whole “at home spa” thing. Face masks, moisturizers, exfoliating scrubs, lip scrubs, hair masks, bubble baths, body butters, essential oils, all of it.

I don’t spend a bunch of money on new things as often as I used to, but I do tend to consistently try out new pampering products! The majority of these are Perfectly Posh products because I fell in love with them and all of their goodies! Knowing what I’m putting on my skin, and that the ingredients are good is what I love. However, I am a Perfectly Posh Consultant and would love to have more people try it out! (I would never promote a product that I haven’t personally tried.) So any products you want to try out, make sure to go to my page, here, or choose me as your consultant/sponser by searching my name! Want some samples first? Message me and I will send you some 🙂

Few Posh Pointers!

  • Clean, renewable & consciously made
  • All products under $25
  • Palm oil perfect; responsibly sourced with renowned organizations
  • Loaded with essential oils
  • Best fragrance (over 95% natural)
  • Shipping $5.99 on all orders
  • No parabens, parrafins, SLS, SLES, petroleum derived ingredients, lanolin, gelatin, soy fillers, phthalates, talc or tallow
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Made in USA

Now I’m going to be sharing some products that I love and use consistently, and some reviews! Few of these I’ve used for a long time, and few are new romances! 

FACE MASKS: I’ve always loved face masks. I personally enjoy the mud/clay, cream and exfoliating masks much, much more than any peel off or sheet mask. A few favorites; 

AZTEC SECRET – INDIAN HEALING CLAY $5 (1lb) -$15 (2lbs) 

Depending on size and where you buy it, the price fluxuates. I think I bought mine (2 lbs) for $13 at Natural Grocers probably a couple years ago. But its available in a lot of places including walmart or amazon! The best part is that this bentonite clay is in powder form and isn’t fully activated until you mix it with liquid therefore the shelf life is a lot longer! That being said, you probably won’t use 2 lbs before the expiration unless you’re using this clay and only this clay for everything. Maybe you will, but I personally have over half of mine left and sadly it’s expired. (Since I’ve kept it stored in a cool place, air tight and it’s clay I think it’ll be okay for a little while. Take note; this is not fact haha) Anyway this is 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. It’s sun dried, no additives, no fragrance. Another deep cleansing clay. It’s great for facials, acne, body wraps, clay baths, foot soaks, insect bites, etc. It says you can use apple cider vinegar or water for mixing. I’ve done both and I would highly suggest ACV rather than water, it actually bubbles when mixing it together and makes for a much smoother texture, easier for applying, and in my opinion I feel like it works 10x better. This one does give you a pulsating and tightening feeling and often will leave my face a little red right after use due to the clay pulling and absorbing impurities, and drawing bloodflow to your cheeks. Read more detailed, scientific descriptions on bentonite clay here or here, it’s actually really interesting! Its wonderful for shrinking pores, removing impurities, tightening and toning skin, repairing cells and overall making your skin look and feel fabulous! I’ve used this for probably 5 or 6 years! Love it.

**Spice it up** Add essential oils like lavender for soothing, calming and restoring complexion. Reduces acne and sunspots. Slows aging with powerful antioxidants. Tea tree contains strong antibacterial and antifungal compounds, reduces inflammation, disinfects and removes toxins, reduces scarring and blemishes. Frankincense for a powerful astringent, smaller pores, lifting and tightening skin, reduce blemishes, protect skin cells.

You should use glass, plastic, or wooden bowls – no metal. Mix 1-3 tbsp ACV and 1-3 tbsp Bentonite Clay until smooth consistency. (Honestly, you can follow measurements but I prefer to mix it to my liking every time. More clay, thicker and tales longer to dry or less clay, lighter and more wet) Apply to face/body and allow to dry up to 45 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water!


This mask is a concoction of volcanic ash, kaolin clay, charcoal and astringent spearmint. Activated charcoal absorbs up to 2,000x it’s own weight in free radical pollution that your skin collects through the course of each day. It’s deep cleaning, removes toxins and unclogs pores. I love this one because I can visually see all the gunk/oil being pulled out while it dries. I definitely reach for this when my t-zone feels clogged up. It smells super refreshing and gives your face a nice wake up! More info here!

Apply thin layer to face, let sit for 15-20 minutes or until dry. Feel the goodness. Rinse thoroughly with warm water!


This mask is for Perfectly Posh Consultants only. It’s also another clay mask, kaolin clay, and its vegan! Other key ingredients are punica granatum  (pomegranate) seed oil which is effective in treating dry skin, sunburns, eczema and psoriasis. It’s a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Along with Aloe, which contains many beneficial minerals, enzymes, anti-microbials, sugars and amino acids. It restores suppleness to skin. Another strong antioxidiant, and anti-inflammatory. So this mask is deep cleaning with a little tingle and a vanilla berry scent! Also leaves my face a little red (kaolin clay) for about 20 minutes after use. But I really like this one, especially after a busy week or if I need a good purge of the skin. It’s refreshing, and my face has never felt so smooth and clean!

Apply thickly to clean skin, allow to set for 2-5minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water! *first time start out with small amounts to test your skins reaction, even 30 seconds is long enough to rinse off*

LUSH – MASK OF MAGNAMINTY $14.95 (4.4oz) -$26.95 (11.1oz)

Lush is seriously just…lush. All their products are great. This mask is handmade, all natural ingredients and I prefer the self preserving (free of any synthetic preservatives.) It’s also amped with more honey than the original so it’s thicker and more moisturizing. It’s made up of bentone gel and kaolin clay for a deep cleanse, ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds for a light and gentle scrub, and a cooling sensation from peppermint oil. It’s heavenly, definitely love the smell and feel of this mask. I also feel like my complexion evens out after this mask and takes away a lot of my redness! Click HERE to check out the full ingredients list, or other products!

Smooth mask all over your face/skin. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water, massaging as you go.


This is like moisturizing paradise. You put this baby on after you’ve done all your washing, scrubbing and deep cleaning. Your face will feel so supple, soft and glowy. It’s amazing. For all the clay and drying masks I use, it’s important to have something that replenishes and nourishes with moisture too! This is it. Apricot infused mask with collagen boosting CoQ10, essential oils and Morrocan argan oil. Want to read the full list of the ingredients? Go here.

Smooth over clean skin, leave on overnight, wake up refreshed!

Cheap Alternatives; I have used almost every one of the face masks sold at Walmart and Target as well. (All the little packets and a few of the name brands) They do an alright job, but if you’re looking for a long term mask to use often and you’re looking for great, natural ingredients, I recommend one of these above! They are worth it!

EXFOLIATING SCRUBS: I use an exfoliation scrub probably every day. I like remove keep dead skin and feel fresh. For my face too, I use one almost every day or every other day. Here’s some favorites; 


I use this one every day. It’s a marvelous blend of peppermint oil, grapefruit oil, aloe vera, and cucumber. It’s aromatic, makes you feel so refreshed. All natural fragrances, and a nourishing base holds millions of exfoliating microbeads. (PS. my boyfriend likes it too, he always asks to use it!)

Sultry, dark and dreamy. This is definitely a spa experience. With black sea salt (tons of minerals and sulfur) and detoxifying charcoal you get luxurious exfoliation, then moisturize and unwind with honey, shea butter and sea breeze scent. I love it! It leaves my skin so smooth. Check it out here.


This scrub feels like you’re actually laying in the sand in a tropical island oasis, living the dream. Then you realize you’re in your shower still but a mini 5 minute vacation is nice! It’s a mixture of sea salt, sugar, coconut shell powder, honey and coconut oil to remove dead and dry skin. Packed with vitamin E for ultimate skin-conditioning moisture! Check it out here!


This is the perfect mix of a face wash and exfoliater. It has walnut shell powder that gently exfoliates and aloe vera to not over dry the skin. Also loaded with peppermint oil for pore cleaning and astringent properties. It’s the perfect everyday face wash for all skin types. It’s gentle, it’s effective and I totally notice my skin being clean and even toned but not overly dried out or greasy. It’s the most balanced product I have.

Cheap Alternatives; I’ve also used St. Ives Apricot Blemish Control, Simple, Neutrogena and other drugstore scrubs which work for exfoliating but the chemicals and dryness afterwards are what I don’t like. These work a whole lot better, smell better, and I feel better after using them!

SOAP BARS: I’m usually not a fan of soap bars. I feel like they dry me out, or get wasted by sitting in the bath tub and getting all soggy and turning into a goop pile. Gross. But Perfectly Posh has Chunk Bath Bars and Snarky Bars that are to die for! I love them and instead of taking a whole bar of soap, you can just slice a piece for each shower, however much you prefer to use. I also have the hardest time with shaving and not having my skin be irritated, get ingrown hairs and bumps. Using these chunks for shaving has significantly helped avoid all those. I can also say my boyfriend has made comments on my skin being soft and thinking I shaved when I didn’t 😉 it was my snarky bar! Yes!

Most soaps are made with tallow which is rendered animal fat. There is no tallow in any Perfectly Posh Chunks. Instead they are full of coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, mango butter, and a few others that are all much better alternatives.


This is a tangy, fruity, citrus explosion. With kiwi seeds, and polylactic acid beads to exfoliate, plump, and hydrate the skin. As well as passion flower seed oil which is full of fatty acids to rejuvenate the skin as well. Without clogging pores! I fell in love with this snarky bar. Because I love scrubs but I feel like I lose so much scrub from it being stuck in my fingers or falling off before I can rub it in. The snarky bar is an exfoliating bar! Its easy it all stays together. For rough, dry skin or just for polishing up a bit, it is AMAZING!

Bath Bars! The ones pictured are all the ones I have tried. Favorite: FULL MOON! Why? I think its the lotus flower and cedar scent! It has Pink Himalayan sea salt which contains many of the same trace minerals and elements that occur naturally in our body. Palm oil and glycerin help balance the skin.

Summed up..

GENDER BENDER – Charcoal, Palm oil, Shea butter with and citrus and woodsy amber scent.

YOU GO, COCO! – Coconut shell powder, palm oil, glycerin, coconut oil, with a coastal coconut scent.

FIELD BETTER SOON – Palm oil, glycerin and oats with lavender essential oils.

BE SWEET… – Palm oil, glycerin, shea butter, coconut shell powder with a pineapple and coconut scent.


I’m going to start with Perfectly Posh BFYHC’s. Thats Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes which is exactly what they are. They are wonderfully addictive. They all are a combination of coconut oil, vitamin E, and apricot kernel oil that softens and soothes without feeling greasy. That is the truth! They feel so good on your hands and arms, your skin will eat it right up and it’s not heavy. 

Here’s my current favorites!

BFYHC’s $ 9 (3oz) each

LIL SNARKY – Sassy exotic flowers and sandalwood.

BEACH BLANKET – Tangy citrus, sweet vanilla, and creamy coconut.

DON’T BE BITTER BABY – Brisk grapefruit and soft sandalwood.

DO THE CONGA – Black currant, Sultry amber and tropical berry.


This body butter is magical. A whipped shea butter base infused with wild indigo and safflower oil to soothe skin with anti-inflammatory properties that draw moisture to the skin. It has a violet and plumber scent. Another non greasy but ultra nourishing body butter. I love this scent too! Its magical, really.


This body crème is caffeinated! Guaraná extract boosts levels of caffeine, and moisturizing capuacu butter to help firm and tighten those hips and thighs! Açaí not only contains vitamins A, C and E but it can work as a potent antioxidant which helps promote circulation! Its a pick me up, for sure and your lovely lady lumps will loooove you! It has an amazon rose and exotic fruity scent. Love the way my skin feels after this.


This is perfect for those on the go, who don’t have time to pamper but still want their skin nourished and moisturized. The warm water from your shower will open your pores and this in shower lotion will hydrate you with calming lavender and soothing shea butter, instead of petroleum-based big name products! Treat yourself better. I love this. It’s always nice to get out of the shower already feeling soft and hydrated, not tight and rubbery.

Last few products.. 

ROSEHIP OIL. I use this every night and every morning. I like a dewy and hydrated look so if you are more of are matte person this may not be a go to moisturizer. But seriously. I use rosehip oil for my bare face or for priming my lips and my face before getting ready. Brand wise, I don’t have a favorite and its your choice in what you would want to try. Organic or not, expensive or not. I’ve used and like Mario Badescu, Aura Cacia, and Pearlessence.

ESSENTIAL OILS. All of them have their multimillion purposes and uses. I like DoTerra essential oils, but there are many other companies who have oils that will work too! Must haves: 

  • Lavender
  • Tea Tree (Melaluca)
  • Frankincense
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint

I have tons of other ones that are great but if I had to pick 5 that I would really want. Those are the ones. I use lavender and tea tree constantly.

COCONUT OIL. Enough said. Am I right?? You can’t go wrong with coconut oil. I use it for lotion, my hair, my boyfriends hair, his beard, oil pulling (teeth), cleaning the house, etc. I’m in love with the coco.

To conclude my post, I will say that I’m not a dermatologist and your skin is not my skin. This is just what works for me! I had oily skin before accutane and now I would say its pretty balanced, sometimes on the dry side or sometimes the oily. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to message me. 


Photos in post taken by me, or saved from google search engine. (, 


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